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A little bit about me..

Hi, I'm Debi Photographer and owner of   3 Owls Photography. I am married to Brett and we have three adorable children (actually should say "young adults), Bryce, Kyra and Kain.  I also have 2 gorgeous Rag Doll cats - Coco and Harlequin.


I work in Kindergarten 3 days a week and love working with children.


I began my photography career just over 6 years ago. I have always loved photography but put my passion to one side to raise my family.  My children grew up and my passion for photography kept surfacing and I knew I had to get back into it.  So here we are!


My logo of 3 Owls represent my three children and I have it tattoed on my left arm!  


I feel very privileged to be able to capture those special moments for my clients and the trust they put into me to create amazing images.


While on my photography journey I was accepted to be a Voluntary photographer for a wonderful organisation Heartfelt. We create memories for families of stillborn babies, terminally ill babies and children.  If you get a chance pop over and support this wonderful organisation.


I also have my Accreditation with the Australian Association of Professional Photographers 


So that is a super quick glance of my journey into photography and a little bit about me.










© 2018 3 Owls Photography.

AIPP Accredited Professional Photographer 

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